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Easy question - Uknown Host [Dec. 3rd, 2005|01:17 pm]
Fedora Newbies
I just need windows to be able to ping and address my linux machine by name and not IP. From windows, I can ping the machine but when I try "ping linux", I get "unknown host linux". Obviously, the machine is on the network because the site can be browsed and ping'ed from other systems by IP but not name.

This is such a simple problem that I feel embarrased to even post it. But I'm lost. I went to Network Config-> Host and added, linux, linux hoping that would do it.

I would also add the IP but I obtain the IP address automatically from a Linksys router. So the question is what am I missing?

[User Picture]From: vaxocentric
2005-12-03 08:34 pm (UTC)
two things--

ping -a [ip]
will [usually] resolve the hostname for an ip, so put that in your troubleshooting toolkit

second, i'm not certain what you're trying to accomplish with the loopback address (, as that is an internal address only accessible by that local system, and would have no bearing on the remote's ability to address by hostname.

make sure you've set up the hostname correctly. what do the linux commands hostname and domainname return? also, can you ping the hostname from itself?
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From: gamesociety
2005-12-03 09:21 pm (UTC)
both hostname and domainname return back linux. I even edited the /etc/hosts file near the top to:

domainname linux

... so that it's set everytime Fedora starts.

-a isn't a valid option on DOS, but I'm successfully able to ping the IP address of the linux box if I ping [ip]. It's when I try ping linux when I have a problem.

I don't know why I inserted the loopback address. I removed it already. No change (obviously).

OK, tried: ping linux from itself and I get the same message: "unknown host linux"

Now I did get another interesting message when I rebooted. Upon rebooting Fedora, I got a message that said something like:

Cannot connect to linux. GNOME may not work properly. It may work if included in /etc/hosts

But here's the problem... I know the syntax in the hosts file is:
[ip] [name] [alias]
But all of my systems receive a dynamic IP (from a Linksys router... also the reason why I haven't just set up the DNS server). If the IP changes, the insertion in the hosts file is pointless. That is, unless there is a script or something to deal with dynamic IPs???

I just recently wiped RH9 (ACK!) to Fedora 4. But out of stupidity, I didn't record my configuration where it worked on RH9.
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From: gamesociety
2005-12-03 09:24 pm (UTC)

domainname linux was inserted in /etc/init.d/network
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From: gamesociety
2005-12-03 10:25 pm (UTC)
I'm now able to get linux to ping itself but still no resolve on other systems seeing it on the network.
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